Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kyle and Zak's BMX Birthday Party

Zak tearing it up out on the track.
The boys had a lot of fun riding their bikes here we may have to come back next year.

Kyle only stopped riding to have some pizza cake and open his presents.

He spent most of the day racing his grandpa, uncle, and friends.

Cake Time!

Zak wanted Luigi
Kyle wanted this dirt bike cake. This cake turned out so cute and was super easy to make.

Kyle tried to take a bite out of his cake

Zak "Hurry up Mom I want to go ride my bike!"


I had to hide to get a picture of Zak.
Darth Vader thanks to Uncle Mel Zak had a light saber for his costume.

Halloween at the zoo

Kyle being a cheese ball acting like super Mario.
Hannah loved being Minnie mouse.

Kyle with the ghostbusters at the zoo.

Hannah and one of her other favorites Elmo.

This was outside of the zoo we stood in line for almost an hour to get in. Oh what fun! Zak is dressed as Darth Vader in this picture but it is hard to see him.