Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hannah 10 months

Hannah learning to walk watch the video below

Zak's new haircut

This only lasted a day then he made me cut it off

Christmas day

Hannah in her fancy dress
Zak had to scan all of the presents with his cash register

Kyle playing a video game

Hannah and mommy

Zak in his mustang, or race car jeep if you ask him what it is

Christmas Eve Rock Concert

Otto's turn to entertain us
The fire that the mini pyros (all of the kids) built

Zaky and his buddy Melanie

Christmas Eve Rock Concert

Kyle, Hayden, and Otto striking a pose
Mya showing off her dance moves

Myles playing his shirt while singing jingle bells

Dakota and Kyle rocking out

Hayden and Kyle putting on a show

Go Broncos!

Hannah and Toby oops teddy

Hannah 9 Months

Visit with Santa

Naughty or Nice?