Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First formal night

Daddy's little girl!

The boys could not wait to get their fancy clothes off.

Hannah after dinner

How nice of him to make me a turtle towel animal.

Vancouver Canada

This slide was really weird to slide down but Kyle loved it.
Flying saucer swing.

Hang on Zak!

Zaky climbing

Hannah loved the swing

Vancouver Canada Continued

We were in Stanley park it was so beutiful and green.
Mom and her kids don't they look so sweet.

Our best family picture of the whole trip it took alot to get this picture.

Hannah loved the flowers.

Daddy and Kyle on the big red bus.

Victoria Canada

This was the view off the back off the boat in Victoria. Not such a great view for as pretty as victoria is.
All of us when we had just gotten off the boat.

A park we walked through it was freezing that day.

Zak, Kyle, and Daddy totem pole.

History museum

Water Fun!!

On the boat they had a water play area for the kids. They had a blast!
Zak flying out of this slide right into the pad.

The boat also had a three story tall slide that twisted around the boys also loved it too probably more than the water play area. The view from the top of the slide was awesome.

Camp Carnival

Kyle was in a rock band while he was at camp carmival one night.

The first night that they painted Zak's face he cried and made them wash it off. Then it was time to be a pirate and it was a fight just to get him to wash it off

Then we had to fight him again to get him to wash off the bunny face paint. He looks pretty cute though.