Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hannah has decided that she needs to feed herself because she is a big girl. What a mess but still adorable even covered in spaghetti sauce.

Hannah has also started playing with her kitchen she loves it mostly because it makes noises.

Summer fun in Colorado

Hannah learned to drink from a straw while we were in Colorado.
Too cute!

Kyle playing in the fountains.

Hannah wandering around. She is content just walking around.

Zak is about to start running that is how he bowls and he actually doesn't do too bad.

More Colorado

Daddy and Kyle
Mommy and Daddy

Daddy, Kyle and Zak on the roller coaster.

We were a little worried we were not going to be able to get daddy off this ride it was a tight squeeze when he got in it.

They had the whole train to themselves.

Colorado cont.

Grandma Will and Zak on the Alpine slide
Daddy, Kyle, and Zak on the paddle boats

Kyle was so excited when he found out he was big enough to drive alone. Well he did really good until it came time to stop and of course he plowed into the back of the people in front of him.

Zak had to ride with mommy but he still had fun.

Swimming in the backyard

Hannah's first time in the pool she loved it.

Action photo Zak had just jumped in

Kyle's baseball grasshoppers

Kyle played coaches pitch this year. he did pretty good. He had a terrible coach

Hannah wanted to wear her brothers hat and she looked adorable.